How to Stream ShowBox on Chromecast


ShowBox for Chromecast – How to stream ShowBox on Chromecast: Now that you’re on the ShowBox website, you might me knowing what ShowBox is and how it works. If you don’t. ShowBox is that app which lets you have tons of entertainment without charging you a penny. The app that lets you watch movies and TV Shows for free, when installed on your android or iOS devices. With many versions being constantly, launched; ShowBox works on all kind of platforms coming from Android, iOS to Blackberry or PC. Laptops with Mac, Windows (Of any version) can install ShowBox on them and get this revelry on the daily basis. In this article, we will guide you through the process of “How to stream ShowBox on Chromecast” in detail.


In past, ShowBox used to allow its enjoyers to cast movies on Chromecast using an external player. Not only Chromecast, movies were even casted to external devices like Television using the same procedure. All you have to do is have access to an external player like Mx player and, you would have had movies on Chromecast in a go. However; the latest updates of the ShowBox app disabled this feature. The Mx player isn’t anymore compatible with the chromecast. So, in order to make casting possible, you have to follow a tedious process that doesn’t involve the Mx player.


As Mx player used to deal with all kind of exigencies before hand, the casting used to be lucid by just downloading the ShowBox APK and then running it through an external player, by linking it with Chromecast. Due to the change of things, we now might require downloading GrowBox app. GrowBox is basically an app that masquerades itself as a Mx player. The whole functionality of GrowBox is just to pass the video URLs that has been sent by ShowBox, ahead to the Chromecast. Therefore, using this app, you will potentially gain the ability to cast ShowBox on Chromecast.

How to Stream ShowBox on Chromecast – Guide

Streaming ShowBox for Chromecast is done in three significant steps. Make sure you follow each of them, consecutively in a systematic way. Before beginning with the streaming, the below mentioned three requirements are obligatory for a Chromecast streaming.

  1. Downloaded ShowBox APK file.
  2. Downloaded GrowBox APK file.
  3. Downloaded Apps like Localcast, BubbleUpnp, Vegacast.

In case if you haven’t downloaded, the files, you can always follow this tutorial to know how to download even.


Step 1:

  1. As you’re already proverbial with the ShowBox App, open our site from your android device and download the file by clicking on the ShowBox APK downlaod link.
  2. If you’re an iOS user, you can follow the method described in ShowBox for iPhone and iPad download to download and install ShowBox App.
  3. In this article, we already have mentioned that a ShowBox app contains two kinds of app players, one that is internal and the other one, is external.
  4. To stream ShowBox videos on external devices, you might be needing an external player that plays compatible with the device.



Step 2:  

  1. After being done with the installation of ShowBox App, you will now have to download the GrowBox app. To download the GrowBox app, click on the link provided below and you will have the GrowBox file downloaded into your system’s hardware.  
  2. One thing you should consider before downloading the GrowBox app is that it won’t function if you already have Mx player installed on your device. As both of them are apparitions, they create a chaos when tried to run at a time.
  3. Therefore, you need to uninstall the player, before. This can be done by navigating to the system tray  menu and opening, “Settings>Apps>Mx player>Uninstall”. After uninstalling it, open the file location and install the GrowBox app.
  4. As this app is being downloaded from external sources, you might have to enable the untrusted resources. To do this, go to “Settings>Security>Unknown sources> and tick the rectangular box beside it.

ShowBox-Chromecast-576x1024 ShowBox-for-Chromecast-576x1024 AllCast-ShowBox-Stream-Chromecast-576x1024

Step 3:

  1. Now, you have both ShowBox/MovieBox and GrowBox on your device. One more step that needs to be completed before casting movies to Chromecast is an installation of All cast App.
  2. AllCast gives you the  capacity to stream various distinctive applications from your gadget straight to your Chromecast. Allcast is for the most part utilized for spilling downloaded recordings. Search for it in the Playstore and install it on your device.
  3. Before proceeding to the following step, ensure that your AllCast application is introduced and working. Just open AllCast and verify whether it can get any close-by Chromecast gadgets. Connect the Chromecast to the Allcast app using a Wi-Fi network.

BubbleUpnP for ShowBox


Step 4:

Coming to the final step of the process, this is the utmost important step where you really stream videos to Chromecast. This can be done using any of the streaming apps from the three that are listed above.


Using BubbleUpnp: Open the BubbleUpnp and select the  ‘Render’ option. Set the local render to the Chromecast. You can witness the app’s interface on the Chromecast. Now, open the ShowBox on your device. Press the Watch Now button and a pop will show up. This pop-up will ask you which application you’d like to share the substance to. Tap the AllCast application. When you pick AllCast, another pop-up will open. Uncheck the inside player from that pop-up. A search starts and you will find the option, open with BubbleUpnp. Click on it and stream the video.

This process is relatively similar for both of the other apps. Though there are easier methods that claim that they can stream ShowBox for Chromecast, this is the only current method that is found to be working. If you have any doubts regarding this, shoot to us in the comment section and we will be here to rescue in no time.


How to Stream ShowBox on Chromecast
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