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ShowBox for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch Download: As we have been mentioning throughout, ShowBox is available to be used on a reserved set of varying platforms. Though the  preeminent platform to run ShowBox is Android as it is only available in the APK format, ShowBox for iPhone and iPad can also be availed using few contraband methods with unorthodox tricks. In this article, we’re going to give you a procedure that enables you to download and install ShowBox for iPhone and iPad. You might be afraid that if the installation of ShowBox might dabble your iOS device and cause damage to your device’s software. Auspiciously, ShowBox for iPhone & iPad doesn’t require jailbreak, so you actually will be able to download it easily without having to get your iOS device jailbreak (which is pretty dangerous and is not recommended for regular users).

Before downloading ShowBox for iPhone and iPad, you should know that ShowBox has a different name, more like an alternative name or a nickname while it is used on any iOS device. Instead of being called as ShowBox, it is referred as Movie Box on all kind of iOS devices and there is also the slight change in the user’s interface along with the name, matching with the iOS software. However, the functionality of the app is exactly the same and the workability is very well optimized with the iOS device’s expediency. Just like ShowBox for Android, you can use Movie Box to download/watch countless TV shows and movies in HD quality. All you have to do is search for the movie, you’ve been wanting to watch or browse through the large database and find the most amusing element of entertainment and watch it completely for free either by downloading it or by streaming it.



You may wonder if the two apps are like fraternal twins then what’s the point of having two names? Why not the same name? What are those hidden underlying differences? Well, Movie Box for iPhone and iPad is a little different to ShowBox. The first and foremost different that you can actually see right away is the slightest change in the user interface. Though this interface is not as elegant as the other one, it is still embedded with amazing navigation and comes with same features like favorites, downloaded movies, accessible information, notifications

Beside these differences, both ShowBox and Movie Box works in a similar way. Just like ShowBox, Movie Box also has the enormous collection of movies coming from 1930 classics like Schindler’s list to the yet-to-be-released “Batman vs SuperMan: Dawn of Justice” of 2016. You can also find all kind of TV Series irrespective of Genre like Game of Thrones, Sherlock, Mentalist, Dexter and the best part is that they contain links of each episode of each season along with exclusive hubs. Furthermore, ShowBox is currently not available for iOS, so Movie Box is the best choice for you if you are looking a movie streaming app with huge database and features, just like ShowBox.


Are you still going to miss it? Download Movie Box on your iPhone and iPad and get the maximum fun of it. Wondering how to? Here’s the installation process for you in step by step process. Follow the instructions carefully, and get Movie Box for you to please you on weekdays, weekends, with your friends, family irrespective of the time and date.


How to Download and Install ShowBox for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

  • You need to follow a set of simple instructions in order to download ShowBox for iPhone and iPad. Though Apple is very prudent in downloading and running external applications, this process is very direct and simple than the original Android App installation process.
  • As an initial step, open this link from the Safari internet browser on your iOS device. Once, the website is open, get to the link and click on the ‘Install button’ that is available. This button will download Movie Box App for you and sets the installation process on.

ShowBox for iPhone and iPad

  • If you have trouble in downloading the file through Safari, you can open the URL from your PC or Laptop and scan the QR code with your iPhone or iPad. As both of them contain the coequal software, the installation process will be identical irrespective of the model size and shape be it iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S plus, iPad Air, iPad Mini et. al.
  • Once the installation process is begun, you will be asked to enter a password. Type ‘Moviebox’ along with the quotations in order to continue further. After the installation is being done, you can find Movie Box on your system tray menu. Open it by clicking on it. Search the significant movie by using the search button and download/stream it, making your day more simmering.

In case if you’re confronting any kind of errors, installation issues, feel free to approach us by commenting in the comment section and we will be at your assistance in no time. You can also check out our other installation processes, where you can download ShowBox for PC and Mac, ShowBox for Blueberry devices, ShowBox for XBox One and XBox 360 by browsing through our site.

ShowBox for iPhone and iPad Download
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