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ShowBox for PC and Mac Download: A perplexing app as it is, ShowBox is the best free online movie streaming app that you can found in the market which allows you to watch movies in HD. Although, it natively is only designed to be used on Android devices, eventually, it has been modified to be used on other platforms. Often, we find that the difference in watching movies on the bigger screen is relatively more satisfying than watching them on the smaller mobile screens. This is where you get the urge of watching your movies or shows on your PC or computer. But, unfortunately, ShowBox for PC is currently not available officially, but it can be availed using a few alternative methods. So, in this article, we’re going give you an elaborate procedure explaining instructions for ShowBox for PC and Mac Download. This procedure can be used for Windows 10, 8, 8.1, 7 and Mac OS X operating systems. If you have come here looking for the following topics, then you have come to the right place:

ShowBox for PC

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ShowBox APK for PC

While downloading ShowBox for PC and Mac, you can apparently, follow two methods. The interesting part is that both of the methods are feasible for both the platforms and the steps are identical, be it for PC or for Mac. Among the two, the first method allows you to add ShowBox as an extension to your Chrome browser while the second one puts ShowBox in your system tray menu as an armistice app. Based on your understanding and convenience, you can follow the method you desire that will be described below.



ShowBox for PC using Google Chrome


  • To have ShowBox added to the Chrome browser as an extension directly, you will be needing an updated version of the Chrome browser either on your laptop, PC or Mac. Once you’ve updated the browser, open an external source like this and download the latest version of ShowBox APK file from here.
  • After downloading the ShowBox APK, you need to download an additional app that helps in running your ShowBox, This app is available under the name of “ARC Welder Chrome App”. The functionality of this app is to allow users to furnish APK files into Chrome apps. All you have to do is be patient, as the first time installation of ARC Welder might take few minutes, altogether.


  • After being sure that it is downloaded, open a new tab and find apps button that appears along the left side of the Chrome’s toolbar. Search for ARC Welder and open it by clicking on it. If you’re unable to access it, try uninstalling it and re-installing it until you make sure that it is working properly.


  • The first thing you will see is a welcome screen displaying few explicit features of the application. To get an idea of how the app works, you can read the content on the welcome screen or you can directly go to the ‘Choose’ option located at the bottom. Here, you will be asked to choose a file location in order to save the files created by the app.
  • You can now add the ShowBox APK that has been downloaded before. This can be done by clicking on the “Add your APK” option and by navigating to the file location of ShowBox APK and by selecting it.


  • After being done with adding, all you have to do is customize the settings based on your own preference. The customization includes features like Orientation, Form Factor etc. Landscape and Fullscreen will give you an aesthetic user experience if you’re looking for the best. Getting done with this, click the ‘test’ button and the ShowBox App will now be running on your PC or Mac. Search for you favorite movie, stream and have fun! ShowBox App is now added to your Chrome and can be accessed anytime in the future.





ShowBox for PC and Mac using BlueStacks – ShowBox for Windows 10 and 8.1

  • The second method that enables you to run ShowBox for PC and Mac is using BlueStacks App player. If there is a trouble in adding ShowBox App to your Chrome or if you’re experiencing any kind of errors in running the ShowBox, you can always opt for this method which is equally workable and efficient.


  • BlueStacks is nothing but an ingenious App player used on Windows or Mac platform to run Android devices. This App has been developed because often we find ourselves, not being able to run few apps on a computer as they don’t have desktop versions. This is where BlueStacks comes into the limelight.
  • The first thing, you have to do before downloading BlueStacks is to download the ShowBox APK file just like the above method. After doing this, download the BlueStacks app from the official BlueStacks website.

installing bluestack

  • Navigate to the folder location where your ShowBox APK has been installed and right click it. From the drop-down menu, you will find the option ‘Open With’, choose “BlueStacks APK installer’ among it.
  • As it is an App drawer, it opens ShowBox. But before that, press on the ‘Android’ option on the top left the corner of the interface to enable the accessibility. Once the ShowBox is opened, it functions the same way, as it works on any Android device. Stream for the movie you’ve been wanting to watch and download.

showbox opening

Find the method that is easy for you among the both and download ShowBox for PC and Mac. In case, if you have any trouble while downloading them, comment in the comment section so that we can get back to you with an appropriate solution, as soon as possible. To know more installation procedures, like ShowBox for Chromecast, ShowBox for iPhone and iPad, keep following us on our blog.

Latest version of ShowBox can be found via this link.



ShowBox for PC and Mac Download
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