ShowBox 5.40, 5.36, 5.35 and 5.30 Latest Versions APK Download

If you are a true movie buff, then you must be well aware of the online movies streaming apps which are available for PC and Smartphone platforms for free. ShowBox is one such app that lets you stream out the latest movies on your Android smartphone for free. You must have heard about this app in the past or might be using it already on your Android device. 

Today, we are up with the latest versions of the ShowBox APKs for the year 2019. The developers have finally released the latest version of ShowBox app i.e. ShowBox 5.40 APK. Along with this, we have also included the previous versions of the current year i.e. ShowBox 5.36, ShowBox 5.35, ShowBox 5.30. If for some reason, the latest version of the app doesn’t work on your device, you can try out the previous versions of the app for unlimited entertainment.

The latest version of the ShowBox app has been upgraded and now boasts a list of new features which are compatible with the latest premium-end Android smartphones.

Why ShowBox is Popular?

There are so many reasons why this app has become the best online streaming app for the Android platform and the most common reason behind the popularity of this app is it updates regularly with new contents.

You could easily fetch your favorite titles of the movies and TV Shows from this one single platform. The app itself is not available on the official Play Store due to copyright issues of the contents. However, it is all safe and millions of Android users are already using this app on their respective devices.

If you have been wondering about the compatibility of the latest version with your Android device, then the following information about the system requirements will clear all your doubts.


ShowBox is a widely popular app and it doesn’t ask for high configurations on your Android. The latest versions are designed with respect to the new generation of Android OS and compatible devices. For that reason, you must know whether the ShowBox 5.40 APK will work on your device or not.

The latest version is compatible to run on the Android devices with Android 4.4 Kitkat and above. So if your device is running on the latest version of Android, you could still install this app.

The weight of the ShowBox app is around 40MB. You need to keep at least 50 MB of free space on your device so that you can easily download and install the app to your device without any interruptions.

And of course, your device needs to have an active Internet connection to so that the app can load properly and you can start streaming your favorite movies.

If you already have the required system configuration, then you can start downloading the ShowBox 5.40 APK for your Android device from the following Download links.

ShowBox 5.40 APK Latest Version Download

ShowBox 5.40 APK

ShowBox 5.36 APK

ShowBox 5.35 APK

ShowBox 5.30 APK

Just follow the above-mentioned links which include the latest version of the app as well as the previous versions also. Depending on your requirements and compatibility, you can download any of these versions for your smartphone.


ShowBox 5.40, 5.36, 5.35 and 5.30 Latest Versions APK Download
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