How to Install ShowBox on FireStick – ShowBox APK for Amazon Fire TV

If you are a movie-buff and love to watch movies in your free time on your mobile devices, then you must have heard about the popular online movies streaming app, ShowBox. It is currently the best online streaming app for mobile devices. The app has a huge library of all types of Movies and TV Shows and a bucket full of features. If you own Amazon’s FireStick, then today’s tutorial will guide you to install ShowBox on FireStick. Let’s collect some more information about it. 

ShowBox is exclusively available for the Android platform; however, the app is not officially available on the PlayStore due to the violations of Google’s Privacy and Policy. Being an open-source platform, Google lets you install third-party apps on your device. This makes it easier for Android users to install ShowBox app as a third-party app. You can install Latest Version of ShowBox APK on Amazon Firestick with the help of its latest APK file.

The app has millions of users globally as it is constantly updating with new contents. The app is backed by a team of enthusiastic developers who are actively working to fetch the latest movies, TV Shows and other popular videos. You will receive regular update of this app once you install it on a respective Android supported device.

If you are a newbie and haven’t used this app before, then first you have to collect some useful information about this app. Here, we have enlisted some details which could help you understand the basic functionality and usage of this popular online streaming app, ShowBox. Let’s get on to the details!

What is ShowBox APK for Amazon FireStick?

ShowBox APK is nothing but the APK version of the original ShowBox app. APK file of an app or game can be installed on any Android supported devices. You can install the same APK file on an Android Smartphone, Tablet etc. All you have to do is proper knowledge about installing a third-party app on a respective device.

ShowBox is a popular online movie and TV Series streaming app allowing users to watch their favourite Hollywood movies and TV Shows in full HD resolution. The app supports different media players, you can select your favorite media player to stream out the movie or TV show. The app even lets you choose the video quality, you can select the quality of the video as per your Internet speed.

Additionally, it offers a smooth and easy user-interface. Anyone can easily explore the different features and functions of the app, and can even quickly search for the movies or TV shows by making use of the Search Bar. Different categories, Genres, Personal Library and many other additional sections help you to choose the movies faster. Let’s find out some of the key features of this app.

ShowBox App: Key Features

  • Full access without registration or Sign up process
  • No login credentials required
  • Works smoothly with easy-to-use navigation and smooth UI
  • Supports multiple screen resolution including full HD
  • Supports subtitles
  • Sorting option to filter your search by Genre, Year, Actor, Actress etc.
  • Download option to watch movies offline in your free time
  • Personal Library to add your favorite contents which you can watch later etc.

These are some of the very useful features available on this popular app, ShowBox. You can get to explore everything for free on a big Television screen with the help of a FireStick. There are many different ways available with which you can install ShowBox on Amazon FireStick. Here, we will show you the simplest way of installing the app. If you don’t want to mess around with things, just follow these simple steps to install the ShowBox app on Amazon FireStick.

Steps to install ShowBox on Amazon FireStick

Since the app is not officially available on Google’s Play Store, you have to seek help from the third-party app providers. There is a popular third-party downloader store available for non-Google platforms i.e. Downloader. You have to install the Downloader app on your FireStick first. Following steps will guide you how you can install the Downloader app and then the ShowBox app on Firestick.

Step 1:

From the main menu of FireStick, select the Settings option. This option is located on the extreme right side of the main address menu.

Step 2:

From the given options, click on to Device option. You may also see a different name such as My FireTV in this section. You can select any of these options.

Step 3: 

A new menu will be presented to you from which you need to select the Developer Options.

Step 4:

In the Developer Options, you will see two more options from which you need to click on to the Apps from Unknown Sources option.

Step 5:

The system will warn you as we are going to install the third-party apps which are not legal. The same apps are not officially available as they are violating the Policies and Terms and Conditions of Google. You just need to click on to the Turn On option when asked by the system.

Step 6:

Now, come back to the home screen and select the Search option.

Note: We have already enabled the option to install third-party apps on the device.

Step 7:

Just type in Downloader and select the Downloader option. You will be presented with a lot of suggestions for different apps. Make sure you select the Downloader option from the given list of apps.

Step 8:

Once the page is loaded properly, click the Download option. It will take some time to Download and Install the app. Once done, click the Open button.

Step 9:

Since we are about to use the Downloader app for the first time, you would be asked to confirm your action. Click Allow option when asked.

Step 10:

Now, take a Remote control and click on to the Ok button. This will open up a Virtual Keyboard on the screen which you can use using the Remote control itself.

Step 11:

In the Address Bar, type in this URL and click the Ok button.

Step 12:

The Downloading process of the file will begin itself. It will take some time to finish the process.

Step 13:

Soon, the app will be downloaded on the system. You will be asked whether to install it or not, click on to the Install button when asked. Click Done option after the process is finished.

Step 14:

Once you select Done button, the system will take you back to the Downloader page where you will be asked whether to keep the Downloaded file stored or delete it? Select Delete option from there.

Step 15:

Now, come back to the main Device screen and then select See All option. This will show you the apps which are available on the FireStick.

Step 16:

In the Apps section, you would see the ShowBox app icon. Click on to the icon, the app will be launched and you can start exploring it the same way as you do on your Android devices.

This is not done yet, you have to install one more application to make use of the navigation options of the ShowBox app for FireStick with the help of the Mouse Toggle app. Toggle Mouse for FireTV is the only app with which you can control the ShowBox app and can use the app on a FireStick. This is a paid app and you have to spend some money on that. Go ahead and search for the Toggle Mouse for FireStick app on Google Play Store and install the app from there.

Once you have successfully installed the app on your device, you have to do some additional settings. Go to the Settings page and enable ADB Debugging. Once you do all the settings, you will be able to use your FireStick’s Remote Control as a Mouse of the Computer. You can easily use all the functions of the ShowBox app like a Mouse.

Extra tip: 

There are a number of different methods to install ShowBox on Amazon FireStick available. But the given method is the simplest one and you can easily follow the instructions of it. The other methods can be a little tricky and as they need some technical knowledge. If you wish to go ad-free, you can get the ShowBox Pro APK for the supported device as well. So follow the above-listed steps and get the ShowBox app installed on a FireStick now!

Words of Caution:

ShowBox is not a legal app and it carries some piracies and many other issues. To be on a safe side, we suggest you to use VPN service while installing this app to your device. When you use a VPN, you can keep your personal identity hidden and hackers will not fetch your details. You will be in a safe environment and can explore the app to the fullest.


How to Install ShowBox on FireStick – ShowBox APK for Amazon Fire TV
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