Google removed ‘Kodi’ from Autocomplete Results

Google has officially removed the term ‘Kodi’ from their autocomplete results. Kodi is a controversial media playback platform offering various contents which are completely illegal. Now, in order to search for this software, user will have to type the full sentence and only then the Google will show you the results for this term. This step is taken to stop the piracy. Google has been working hard to stop the piracies from a long time.

Since you know, every Internet user do like to search for things using Google. In order to make proper search, Google has its own autocomplete feature which lets users get the word without typing it full. It’s like your companion to tell you what you are looking for. However, to stop users from exploring non-copyrighted materials on the web, Google is taking stiff steps towards such providers.

Kodi is indeed one of the best and most popular software with millions of its users around the globe. However, the platform serves illegal contents without the copyrights. The way how Kodi works is illegal and to stop the piracy of the contents, Google has banned Kodi from their autocomplete search results for the users.

For this legal action taken by the Google, TorrentFreaks writes,

“We are surprised and disappointed to discover Kodi has been removed from autocomplete, as Kodi is perfectly legal open source software.

We have a professional relationship with the MPAA, who have specifically made clear in the past their own position that Kodi is legal software.. We hope Google will reconsider this decision in the future, or at a minimum limit their removal to search terms where the legality is actually in dispute.”

Google has previously done the same thing for many such words with copyright-infringing material. For that reason, the giant is continuously changing their search results algorithm for the best of user experience for the copyrighted materials. There are many people who take benefits from distributing such non-copyrighted contents and spread piracies. Google is the only option available to spread out the word to maximum number of people. For that reason, the giant has banned it.

In order to check out this step taken by Google, just type in the word Kod in the Google’s search field, the results will show you different terms such as Kodak and all the other ones but no the Kodi. However, once you enter, Kodi full name, the results will show you Kodi Download, Kodi addons and so on. So yes, you will no longer see the term Kodi in Google’s autocomplete search results as it has been removed officially with the new algorithm.

If we talk about the other such terms which were removed by Google previously, it was Pirate Bay. Pirate Bay is one of the most popular torrent website with a whole new world of pirated contents of movies, software, TV Shows and everything. It was removed by Google just like the Kodi.

Google has also confirmed their steps towards removing the term Kodi from their autocomplete feature. They said they have deliberately removed Kodi from their database because of all the possible reasons.

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