5 Reasons Why ShowBox is the Best Free Movies App for Android


Almost everyone around the world uses a smartphone in their day to day life to get many of their routine tasks done. And many of the smartphone users do like to get entertained within a smartphone. Yes, people do like to watch entertaining stuffs right on a smartphone instead of big Television screen as smartphones come with advanced features which holds all the requirements of an individual. When it comes to explore your favourite content, you can choose from a variety of different options. From all the available options, ShowBox comes out as the most popular one in the field. 

ShowBox is undoubtedly the best online movies streaming app available in the market which is widely available for almost all the platforms. The application is used by pretty much all the Android users. So it’s becoming more popular for the Android users who love to explore their favourite movies and TV series on their mobile phones using the ShowBox app.

You might be wondering why ShowBox is so popular among modern world people! The app is simply and can be installed on any Android smartphone or tablet device. You can even install the app on a PC or on a BlackBerry device powered by Android Operating System. The app is fully loaded with all the entertaining stuffs on the go and it’s a one time place for entertainment for everyone.

The app lets you stream out all of your favourite Movies and TV Shows with all the full episodes on the go without having to worry about the subscription. The app is free to use and doesn’t require any subscription or sign up process. It doesn’t ask you to register for the app using your email ID or a cellphone number.

After you install the app on a respective Android smartphone or tablet, you will be able to explore all the services offered by the giant for absolutely free of cost. Which is why most of the Android users like to watch their favourite movies and more using this application and for that reason, this app is known as the most popular and best Movies app for Android. You can install the ShowBox application on your Android device from this link.

If you want to know about the ShowBox app, following we have enlisted the best reasons why ShowBox is the best free movies app for Android platform. Lets find out the reasons and choose to stay with the ShowBox application.


5 Reasons Why ShowBox is the Best Free Movies App for Android

Reason 1 : ShowBox is Free and Handy app

One of the best reason why you all should use the ShowBox app is that the app is available for absolutely free of cost. Yes, you don’t have to pay anything to install this app on a respective Android device or tablet. Just simply install this app from this link and you will be able to start using this app.

Apart from the free services, you can also use this app easily on your Android device. The app comes with handy design and anyone can easily get started with it. You can simply start using this app without any technical knowledge to stream out your favourite movies and TV shows on the go.

Reason 2 : Thousands of Movies and TV Shows for unlimited Entertainment

ShowBox is packed with thousands of your favourite Hollywood Movies and TV Shows with their full episodes. The app comes with unlimited entertainment and contents which you can watch out for lifetime. Yes, the app contains pretty much all the Hollywood movies which you like to watch out. You can even explore all the TV shows by selecting the title and all the episodes of the selected TV Show will be right there on the display.


ShowBox comes with an extensive collection of Entertaining stuffs including Movies and TV Shows. Fortunately, the giant pushes out new contents daily to this platform which means, the contents library of the ShowBox app updates regularly with new items so you can explore fresh contents easily within the platform.

Reason 3 : Full HD Contents for free

One of the most interesting feature of this application is it lets you stream out the selected item with different viewing qualities. The app works on your Internet connection and you can select the perfect resolution to stream it out for your device. If you have HD functionality enabled with good high speed Internet connection, the app lets you stream out the movies and TV Shows in full HD resolution.

Once you select a particular movie, you would be asked to select the quality of that movie from which you can select the resolution as per your requirement and the movie with stream out with the selected resolution. You can select the HD quality as well which will not ask you to pay anything. The feature is for free and won’t ask you for anything.

Reason 4 : Search for your favourite Movies on the go

ShowBox comes with a handy design for everyone and even a non-technical person can too enjoy and explore this application. Once you install the app, you would be presented with the home page of the application with different sections. At the top, you could see Search option with a field. This is one of the best features in the ShowBox app and which is the reason why the app is show damn good compare to the other applications.


With the help of this Search option, you can simply search out for your most desired movies or TV Shows. Just select the Search field and type in the title of the Movie or a TV Show and hit the Search box. The app lets you find out the desired item in next few seconds.

Reason 5 : Download Section for Offline Streaming

Fortunately, ShowBox also allows you to download the content from within the application. Yes, if you like a movie which you want to watch in your free time without the Internet connectivity, ShowBox lets you download the movie when you are connected with the Internet and you can then watch it out while being offline.

After installing the ShowBox application, just launch the application and search for a favourite movie of yours. After this, you would be presented with the page with all the useful options including the details, quality to select and Download option. You can select the Download button to start downloading the selected item to the ShowBox app. The movie will start downloading and it depends upon the Internet speed.

Once the movie is downloaded, you can simply select the main Menu option from the upper left cornet where you can see the Downloads option. Select this option and you would see all the downloaded items from the application. Select the title and it will start streaming out on your mobile phone.

So folks, these are all the top 5 reasons why ShowBox is the best app for streaming out the Movies on an Android platform for free.

ShowBox carries a variety of movies with different genres for all types of people around the world. We have been sharing different types of lists with the best movies for different genres here so you can stream out selected category and watch the items from there.

If you talk about the lists, you can get best fun Movies to watch when you’re bored. If you are looking for some good movies to watch out in 2018, simply follow the list where you can see a few already released movies with some upcoming much awaited movies of the current year. There are many more such lists available which you can follow.

5 Reasons Why ShowBox is the Best Free Movies App for Android
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